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I instantly knew when I first seen the work of Proembrion that there was something different about his work. I’ve seen a lot of abstract work and we have featured many abstract artists, but looking at Proembrion’s work you know you are looking at a deeper graffiti a true conceptual yet grounded in intuition and still able to have that painterly feel. I once coined the word Style Intellect cant remember where or when on a sketch or something, well I would say that best describes his work. Proembrion hailing from Poland seems to really have something new and fresh in his work. I’m glad I found his work and will be able to watch his progression and future projects.

We will definitely be doing a follow up with him and maybe an interview try to get deeper into what makes this artist tic. Till then enjoy this feature and pics. Here is a quick Bio as the Artist describes his work.

“I started painting when I was twelve, in 1996. From this time my graffiti has moved through various evolutionary states, made by keeping strict geometric rules. High-density letters combinations became more disciplined by closing it into hexagonal shape and by using, similar angles. Creating all these puzzles directed me to find a style easier to shape — diagonal style. I developed it so, that I could paint with one-line improvisation. This type of acting gave me a lot of flexibility and more contextual way of adding graffiti to space. Now my main rule is an intuition. It is a great pleasure to surprise yourself. But on the other hand I am really fascinated by parametric, generative structures, by biomorphism and biomimicry. That’s what makes me develop new algorithms and to go by new rules. I generate very complicated 1-bit pixel patterns to see mathematics in pure form. I found there visual language of nature and I want to make it real.”


Crews: Spectrum, City2City, Hexanoise

Sopot Poland 2010