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We introduce Polish Artist Pener, a multidimensional and multi-talented artist who’s work engages in all mediums he tackles. Pener is able to bring his design and vision into the 3rd dimension in such a precise manner that it allows you see beyond the wall and into the environment its in. His installations and sculptures are a testament to his understanding of space and being able to use common material to create beautiful work with nature as its backdrop and canvas. Themes that play with our ability to see past the 2nd dimension, yet still appreciate its basic and crisp linear approach in his murals. I love when i am able to stumble upon an artist like Pener that i can relate to so closely on a aesthetic level yet have never seen or heard of his work till recently. It only leads to imagine how many more artists out there we can find and try to showcase to other fans through this site. Here are some quick words from Pener about his Work.

“Hello my name is Pener I’m a Polish painter, graphic designer and urban activist. I started painting in 1996/97 … but what it was back in da day’s does not have much in common with what I’m doing now … it seems to me that it took a lot of time and walls to understand and start to be honest with myself. A few years ago I finished the academy of fine arts painting department… after that time I start work as an art teacher in secondary school of art. I teach kids how to think about composition and color, how to think about the picture as a whole … I hope that in a few years they will remember me as a good teacher not crazy guy hahaha. In my works I prefer strong heavy cuts, big Facets of clear solid colors, good composition and detailed placement. I purify several years of my work with the unwanted parts and details to achieve the perfect form … Crystal idea … clear message. Straight in the subject, no soap in the eyes… Its how I like and how I am.”

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