Precisely thought Mistakes and Found form in the chaos that is O. Two’s paintings. Thats the best i can describe the precision and pillage of his work, violent movement, and lightning strikes with clear guided moments of dialogue through letters and numbers. O. Two half of the Dynamic Duo Rockgroup formed with She One has been painting and lighting canvases and walls on fire for some time, only recently was i introduced to him through She One. Transcend was so impressed with O. Two and his deep ties with Transcend Member She One, we officially put him down with the [ ] T. Our newest member in over a decade i see great things coming from him. I only hope i am able to get on his side of the world in the UK and be able to get down with the Rockgroup soon. So enjoy our Newest Transcend Member and Amazing Artist O. Two. I also linked an Interview he did recently so you can also get a look into the mind of the chaos that is O. Two. Im sure i will do my own interview soon, but i couldn’t wait when i opened my inbox and was blessed with these pics.

Here is a Link to an interview that The Shadow gallery did with O. Two

O. Two’s Website

Transcend Collective Facebook Page