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Preview Group Exhibition "Crime Time Kings"  Bando - Mode2 - Shoe

Preview Group Exhibition “Crime Time Kings” Bando – Mode2 – Shoe

Bando Mode2 When we first saw this lineup we were excited to see 3 legends coming together once again to rekindle old friendships as well as legendary styles. 3 names synonymous with Graffiti in Europe and all members of CTK or Crime time Kings which the show is named after. Almost 30 years later the...
Preview SABER "THE UGLY AMERICAN" Solo Exhibition at The Outsiders Newcastle

Preview SABER “THE UGLY AMERICAN” Solo Exhibition at The Outsiders Newcastle

  Saber is in the UK preparing for his first Solo exhibition overseas at Lazarides Newcastle space The outsiders. The exhibition titled “The Ugly American” references a quote from a novel written in 1958. Being able to embrace the stigma of the ugly American saber sets out to engage this common stereotype while parallel to...
Walls Update Rae Martini "Lazy" Piece at Amazing Day Milan

Walls Update Rae Martini “Lazy” Piece at Amazing Day Milan

Rae Martini dropped this new piece in Milan Italy as part of Amazing Day. Rae Martini is known for his exceptional paintings yet he still brings heat with his walls. Working in a hybrid traditional style Rae Martini’s wall explodes with color. Stay tuned for more updates from Amazing Day in Milan. GF
Walls Update Retro TAD

Walls Update Retro TAD

Russian artist Retro TAD has been busy putting out some great walls. Colorfully rendered pieces painted with precision, yet still maintaining a flow. The geometric style is reminiscent of a no outline style, yet is able to fuse with a more traditional aesthetic as well. Well done. GF
Walls update Gris 1 DMV

Walls update Gris 1 DMV

Gris 1 from the Da Mental Vaporz crew has been busy in 2013 painting walls. He has been updating his new walls on his Flickr page. Here is a set of his recent walls that display Gris different styles and letters. GF
Preview Remio "Man in Transition" & Tim Diet "This is Me" at Guerrero Gallery

Preview Remio “Man in Transition” & Tim Diet “This is Me” at Guerrero Gallery

We had the chance to stop by Guerrero Gallery and get some preview pictures of Remio‘s “Man in transition” solo exhibition and Tim Diet’s “This is me” body of new work. Guerrero gallery brings together 2 artists both with a solid foundation in graffiti and the streets. Real street artists who have made their tags...
Walls Update DOES Loveletters Crew

Walls Update DOES Loveletters Crew

Photo Florian Krause   We have appreciated the work of Does from the Loveletters Crew for awhile now. An amazing talent with a strong foundation in letter form and color. Does pushes his foundations in letter form to create intense murals. Does, almost too perfect at times is able to balance the letter form with...
New2 "In One Hand a Ghost, the Other an Atom" Solo Exhibition

New2 “In One Hand a Ghost, the Other an Atom” Solo Exhibition

  Unfortunately we missed the opening of New2’s recent solo exhibition “In One Hand a Ghost, the Other an Atom” at white walls gallery this weekend but we were able to get some photo’s from the opening and new work. New2 an Australian graffiti legend who has made a name for himself as one of...
Walls Update Sobek Kcis HA

Walls Update Sobek Kcis HA

Sobekcis & Zoer Heavy Artillery just uploaded some great new pieces from Sobek Kcis. Sobek Kcis has been one of today’s most innovative contemporary graffiti artists, and these new walls only solidify his growing reputation. Intense color and a growing turn of style towards a more illustrative rendering of letterforms. Sobek Kics are definitely artists...
Pacer TAD Walls Update

Pacer TAD Walls Update

Russian artist Pacer TAD recently uploaded some new pieces, and as usual they are all burners. We love that Pacer is able to bring solid letter foundation with fluid and colorful combinations. Hope you enjoy these new walls as much as we do. GF
Greg "Spone" Lamarche Walls Update via LunaParknyc

Greg “Spone” Lamarche Walls Update via LunaParknyc

  We had to share amazing Greg “SP One” Lamarche piece with you. Sp One recently painted this piece in Queens, NY and LunaParkNyc was able to catch a quality photo of it for us. Added an extra bonus roll up door showcasing Sp One’s traditional bubble letters. Technically and stylistically this has to be...
BATES JURNE & GREAT "It’s All About the Letters Exhibition"

BATES JURNE & GREAT “It’s All About the Letters Exhibition”

Its All About Letters from KowalMichal on Vimeo.   Jurne just posted these preview pictures and video in his site. Looks to be a great show with a great theme “It’s all about the letters”. GF     “Known for writing text with color in the streets of Copenhagen and Oakland, California, these A.B.C. “Abecedarians”...