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New Walls Sign Antistatik and ABCDEF

New Walls Sign Antistatik and ABCDEF

Finally got our hands on these pictures. Sign Via grafik, Antistatik Orbit 119 and ABCDEF got together recently and painted some new walls. Here are the pictures I hope you enjoy them as much as we do. Dope lineup each bringing a different twist to the abstract. Similar yet diverse. Sign brings a strong geometric...
New Walls "Antistatik" "Sign" "Grave" "Eriko" "Audio"

New Walls “Antistatik” “Sign” “Grave” “Eriko” “Audio”

Looks Like Antistatik and Sign hooked up in Germany to paint some New walls. Its always good to see 2 of our Featured artists collaborating and putting out some new work. The walls turned out great also check out the other Artists that painted with them Grave, Eriko, and Audio. You can see more of...
Till Heim "Sign" Via Grafik Artist Feature

Till Heim “Sign” Via Grafik Artist Feature

Graffuturism introduces you to yet another very talented Artist who’s work is truly a testament of being on the forefront of innovation and design not only in his graffiti but with all mediums that he chooses to work in. When i look at the work of Sign i see a very honest approach to graffiti...