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Mural Update "Sketchmate Off" Aris, Corn79, Giorgio Bartocci, G-Loois, Proembrion, and Romi

Mural Update “Sketchmate Off” Aris, Corn79, Giorgio Bartocci, G-Loois, Proembrion, and Romi

  Italian Urban Art Festival Sketchmate Off took place last week featuring murals from local Italian artists Corn79,Aris, Giorgio Bartocci and G-Loois collaborating with other international artists Romi (FR), and Proembrion (PL). Here are some of the walls painted by the artists taking place in the festival. It is great to see a mixture of...
Romi and Lek New Installation France

Romi and Lek New Installation France

Lek and Romi have been in residence for awhile working on new projects. One of these projects was this new installation at Bussy St Martin. The installation near Paris involved an outdoor portion as well as a larger indoor exhibition. Here is Romi’s explanation of the Project. “to make this outside/inside exhibition. As we were...
Video ROMI / LEK "Pandore 1.2"

Video ROMI / LEK “Pandore 1.2”

Romi just dropped another video from his Pandore project. This time he has teamed up tith French artist Lek to create another video documenting a installation and visual performance. GF
Video  Romi "Pandore Project"

Video Romi “Pandore Project”

Romi recently put together this new Video “Pandore Project” which involved the deconstruction of the artists graffiti style fused with his architectural interests. Mixing these themes with sculpture and video mapping you are left with a performance. We have seen similar projects from Nawer and temporary space design in the past, it is good to...
Romi One New Walls Update

Romi One New Walls Update

Here is an update of Recent walls from French artist Romi of the Ghetto Farceur Crew. Always pushing the envelope, Romi is painting some of the most progressive and colorful walls today. GF
Romi Ghetto Farceur "Anamorphic Writings"

Romi Ghetto Farceur “Anamorphic Writings”

Very nice conceptual Installation from Romi of the Ghetto Farceur crew from France. Known for his colorful futuristic wildstyles, Romi conceptually brings this burner to the basics. Form, space and the line capture a moment in space. I have seen some great installations based on similar concepts using wool, or string but this is the...
Graffuturism Flickr Group Update

Graffuturism Flickr Group Update

I apologize for the Lack of Updates the last couple of Months I promise to get back in here and Get this thing moving again. I appreciate all the emails and support we have gotten for the site. There are some Big things as far as Graffuturism the Idea and Project coming up Next Year...
New Wall From Ghetto Farceur Crew Mendes Romi Rems Fans Rico

New Wall From Ghetto Farceur Crew Mendes Romi Rems Fans Rico

The Ghetto Farceur Crew continues to impress and put out some of the best walls and murals coming out of France and Europe. Here is a new Wall From the Ghetto Farceur Crew Artists Mendes Romi Rems Fans Rico. Check out there Flickr for more pictures. Ghetto Farceur Flickr

Ghetto Farceur Update New Pieces “Romi” “Bims” “Mero” “Rems”

Here is a quick update from the Ghetto Farceur Crew Keeping busy it seems rocking some very large and amazingly detailed new Pieces, enjoy. Ghetto Farceur Flickr