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Video HENSE "A Dialogue in Mark Making"

Video HENSE “A Dialogue in Mark Making”

*Update “A Diologue in Mark Making was a video that documented the painting and process of this monumental mural. It was finally finished and ready to share. Alex “Hense” Brewer just finished what he has stated as his largest Mural to date, measuring a staggering 137 feet by 170 feet wide. The Mural installation took...
Artist Feature Daniel "Decertor" Cortez

Artist Feature Daniel “Decertor” Cortez

  “I maintain principally a figurative language [i.e. painting people], but for me the paint itself has stopped being only a “painting for the street”. I started to understand it as part of the urban landscape, like a unit which is part of the composition of the whole.”   “The idea is to always have...
Walls Update Amed DA2C

Walls Update Amed DA2C

Here is a perfectly executed wall by  Amed DA2C. The mural was painted in Lima Peru at the faculty of architecture at the National University Federico Villareal. Another great of example of architecturally influenced graffiti that not only creates structure, it breaks it as well. In the artist’s words “I realize that I’m very influenced...