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Preview Sambre Solo Exhibition "THE BOX"

Preview Sambre Solo Exhibition “THE BOX”

Photo Ellinor Stigle Sambre will be making not only his American Debut this week at Catherine Ahnell Gallery in New York, but also his first exhibition that will involve work for sale. That usually goes without saying when exhibiting new work, but Sambre has been able to focus his work up until this moment on...
Preview L'Atlas & Thomas Canto "PARALLELS" at Fabien Castanier

Preview L’Atlas & Thomas Canto “PARALLELS” at Fabien Castanier

  Fabien Castanier continues to introduce Parisian artists to Los Angeles, this time L’Atlas and Thomas Canto will be exhibiting together in “Parallels” this week. We got a preview of the work that will be on display and although initially abstract there is more intricate concepts behind the aesthetics. The minimal palette used by both...