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Recap Markus Genesius solo exhibition "Phantom Images"

Recap Markus Genesius solo exhibition “Phantom Images”

  And Art offered alternatives, for those who were not prisoners to the mass media – Umberto Eco   On Friday 16th May The WiliBender Transit Festival of Temporary Art Berlin/Bergheim 2014 opened its second series of Wow123 – aka Markus Genesius, exhibitions entitled Phantom Images – the show, having run for a month previously...
Udpate* Autone Solo exhibition "Lay//ers"

Udpate* Autone Solo exhibition “Lay//ers”

*Here is a updated set of opening night Pictures courtesy of Jckob   Lay//ers by esteemed Graffuturist Autone, is an innovatively captivating Light and Conceptual Urban Art Installation, opening at the Zatoka Sztuki Gallery in Poland on 04/04/2014, in conjunction with The Gulf of Art and “Addicted to Art Series”. Autone returns to the gallery...