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New Update Moneyless Installations and Walls

New Update Moneyless Installations and Walls

Its been awhile since we featured new work from Moneyless so we thought it was about that time. The Italian artist Moneyless has been busy traveling and doing some amazing Insitu installations. With nature as his background and medium, he has been installing flying graffiti pieces. I am really feeling the new works and especially...
Romi Ghetto Farceur "Anamorphic Writings"

Romi Ghetto Farceur “Anamorphic Writings”

Very nice conceptual Installation from Romi of the Ghetto Farceur crew from France. Known for his colorful futuristic wildstyles, Romi conceptually brings this burner to the basics. Form, space and the line capture a moment in space. I have seen some great installations based on similar concepts using wool, or string but this is the...