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Photo Recap Zoer and Velvet  "L'ETAT LIMITE" Exhibition

Photo Recap Zoer and Velvet “L’ETAT LIMITE” Exhibition

Zoer and Velvet have been collaborating together for years together on murals as well as paintings, sometimes artists are able to interact almost instinctively as one such is the case between these two. Working together they have created a substantial body of work for their latest exhibition “L’ETAT LIMITE” in Tokyo’s Kaikai Kiki’s Zingaro Galleries....
Photo Recap Nawer "COLORS IN SHAPESLAND" Tokyo

Photo Recap Nawer “COLORS IN SHAPESLAND” Tokyo

Nawer opened his latest exhibition in Tokyo for “GEISAI∞Infinity​” Project, co-curated by Murakami and Takumi “Kasenyan” Kaseno of the GEISAI executive committee. The exhibition titled “Colors in Shapesland” showcased a new body of work as well as mural installation in the gallery. Nawer was welcomed with open arms to Tokyo selling out the exhibition completely...