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Mural Update Proembrion 'Modular Sequence'

Mural Update Proembrion ‘Modular Sequence’

Proembrion continues to experiment with Glitch and experimental abstract compositions based on manipulating numbers and digital sequences. In his most recent mural “Modular Sequence” Proembrion captures in analog one of these digital experiments. In the artists words “The 64×64 pixel composition was selected from the results of crossing variations of simple images. The RGB-Colored Modular...
Preview Steve More "Subtraction" at Unruly Gallery

Preview Steve More “Subtraction” at Unruly Gallery

Steve More will be exhibiting new work this week in the Netherlands Unruly Gallery. The solo exhibition titled “Subtraction” will focus on his recent concrete series of work. The syntax series is a ongoing series of work that engage the viewer not only visually but also conceptually. Through the use of materials, texture and paint...