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GAEL "Paum/Sarin" RICCI "WHITE" online solo show

GAEL “Paum/Sarin” RICCI “WHITE” online solo show

My advice to artists always starts somewhere along the lines of just do the work the rest will work itself out maybe its naive yet I always tend to believe that its a bigger problem not taking action than contemplating it. This brings us to Gael “Paum/Sarin” Ricci’s Online exhibition “White”. Gael is a member...
Preview 2501 and Ozmo "Preto e Branco" at Tag Gallery Brasil

Preview 2501 and Ozmo “Preto e Branco” at Tag Gallery Brasil

  2501 has traveled to Brasil to team up with the talented Ozmo for a 2 man exhibition to be held at the Tag Gallery in San Paolo. The show titled “Branco e Preto” (Black and White) will feature new paintings from each artist as well as 3 murals and kinetic sculptures. With a black...