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Remi Rough Stormie Mills "Selected Moments" Unit 44 Recap

Remi Rough Stormie Mills “Selected Moments” Unit 44 Recap

Selected Moments from Keep Your Eyes Open on Vimeo. We gave you a sneak peak of one of the featured paintings in Remi Rough and Stormie Mills recent exhibition titled “Selected Moments” at Unit 44. Here is a more in depth post and recap of the artwork and mural installation. I have also included a...
Artist Feature SDKAROE

Artist Feature SDKAROE

Check out the work of German Artist Sdkaroe. Look out for Sdkaroe as his work is progressing nicely into some interesting installation and mix media pieces. His graffiti is strong, and you can see the evolution he speaks about in the artist statement below. A nice mixture of walls and paintings it looks like this...