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Sowat End of Summer Update

Sowat End of Summer Update

Sowat and Jaw Sowat and Jaw Sowat took some time off for himself exploring abandoned buildings as well as some old and new natural landscapes. Most of the work is in the south of France in undisclosed locations. The first set of pictures is a homage of sort to an old abandoned WW2 bunker Sowat...
Tobias "Tobe" Kröger Solo Exhibition "Face Off"

Tobias “Tobe” Kröger Solo Exhibition “Face Off”

  Tobias Kröger also known as Tobe, a pseudonym he adopted during his years as a graffiti artist, opened last Friday “Face-Off”, his first solo exhibition unveiling a completely new body of work presented under his real name. “Face-Off” consists of 40 paintings and drawings and reflects a new stage in Tobias Kröger’s art, going...
Alberonero Artist Feature

Alberonero Artist Feature

We wanted to introduce you to the work of Italian artist Alberonero. Urban Minimalist who utilizes geometric shapes and color to create provoking insitu murals as well as studio work. We asked the artist to explain a little about his work in a statement which he provided below. GF “Square as prime and complete shape....
Recap "A Major Minority" Group Exhibition Part 2 "Representational Work" at 1 AM Gallery

Recap “A Major Minority” Group Exhibition Part 2 “Representational Work” at 1 AM Gallery

Bom.K Alex Becherer V3rbo Askew Tobe Thiago Toes Sepe Amandalynn Amandalynn and Mags Sainer Blo Morik Mess Jaw Bezt INO Evgeniy Dikson Drew Young Collin Van Der Sluijs Alex One Basik Poesia SPE Alexey Luka Vesod Debens Jaz   For Part 2 of our recap of “A Major Minority” at 1AM Gallery we introduce work...
"A Major Minority" Recap Part 1 "Photography" at 1AM Gallery San Francisco

“A Major Minority” Recap Part 1 “Photography” at 1AM Gallery San Francisco

Clams Rockefeller Todd Mazer Silvio Magaglio Scott La Rockwell Nibor Rieluos ABCDEF   When i first set out to curate the “A Major Minority” exhibition I knew I wanted to bring a survey of not only artists who painted or were only affiliated with graffuturism, instead I wanted to open the margins a bit and...
Preview Jaybo Monk "Useless" at Circle Culture Gallery Hamburg

Preview Jaybo Monk “Useless” at Circle Culture Gallery Hamburg

slingshot , wood , elastic , leather Cold Cold Ground  , spray paint and oils on canvas ” Degas ´s Little Dancer “ grocery store´s Paper Bags EPIPHANY ´s Fanfare , oil and spray paints on canvas . “sweet and savage” Deer Horns ,tires. “My Father´s Silence ” Deer Horns , Concrete. Day blind ,...
Preview Kofie and Moneyless "ASSIOMA" at AvantGarden Gallery Milano

Preview Kofie and Moneyless “ASSIOMA” at AvantGarden Gallery Milano

We are very excited to share with you this preview of “ASSIOMA” a 2 man exhibition with Augustine Kofie and Teo “Moneyless” Pirisi. The exhibition will open tomorrow in Milan at Avant Garden Gallery. We have been honored to watch these artists grow over the past years into some of today’s top emerging artists, and...
Max Rippon "W.O.W. (What Once Was)" Solo exhibition

Max Rippon “W.O.W. (What Once Was)” Solo exhibition

  Max Rippon opened his latest solo exhibition at AF Gallery in Cologne, Germany last week. The exhibition titled “W.O.W. (What Once Was) focuses on Max’s letter based works this time with some interesting additions. W.O.W. is a contradiction of aesthetics, mediums and processes. The analog hand painted sign work is contrasted against finished digital...
Morten Andersen Preview Scope New York

Morten Andersen Preview Scope New York

Morten Andersen will be heading to New York for the upcoming art fairs. He will have work represented by his European Galerie Wolfsen and American Cave Gallery. Here are a set of studio shots of Morten in action and the finished work pieces. Morten has been building a strong new body of work that continues...
Walls Update Xuan Alyfe

Walls Update Xuan Alyfe

We were excited to have the work of Xuan Alyfe in upcoming “A Major Minority‘ group exhibition next month and figured it was a good time to share with his most recent murals. Here is a small set of new murals from the artist painted insitu. GF
Recap Group Exhibition at BC Gallery

Recap Group Exhibition at BC Gallery

BC Gallery opened their latest exhibition last week. The Group exhibition included work from some of today’s rising contemporaries such as Aitch, Axel Void, Blo, Franco Jaz Fasoli, Reka, and Saddo. A Well curated mixture of styles. Here is a recap of the opening night and also some pictures of the work. We are big...
Video HENSE "A Dialogue in Mark Making"

Video HENSE “A Dialogue in Mark Making”

*Update “A Diologue in Mark Making was a video that documented the painting and process of this monumental mural. It was finally finished and ready to share. Alex “Hense” Brewer just finished what he has stated as his largest Mural to date, measuring a staggering 137 feet by 170 feet wide. The Mural installation took...