West Rubinstein opened his first Solo Exhibition in 4 years at 886 Geary Gallery in San Francisco last Saturday. The exhibit “Future Communication” is more than just a title for the show its a real concept and one of the most complete shows I have seen in some time. West Rubinstein AKA West One hails from the days of Subway Art was real participant in an important era of Graffiti’s and what has evolved into todays art. West has utilized this experience and built on it to form a real critique of language and formulated symbols based upon forms he has created in the studio. What started out as a Totem when cast with shadows creates new shapes and interpretive symbols, these forms are painted with heavy impasto oil then impressioned the paintings one more time with paper creating mono prints. This whole process creates a series of imprints who are directly related to one another yet stand on there own as a hybrid form of symbol/language.

What might seem like abstract or contemporary art is actually independent of label and encompasses a complete actualization of the artists experience with communication, while at the same time deconstructing these concepts in the form of art. What West has created is a real life study of these different coded messaging systems that span the lifetime of human existence. Make sure you see the show in person if you live in San Francisco, or are visiting the paintings impasto textures are best seen up close. There was also a print release which you can buy here and a catalog release in case you missed the show you can buy here.