Alex Kuznetov just opened his latest solo exhibition at Speerstra Gallery. The exhibition titled “Visual Attractions’ embraces the aesthetic effects of paint, color and composition. What he has referenced to as Visual attractions are the remnants and traces of what the artist leaves behind after working on canvas. With a history in graffiti, it is easy to see the rhythm with which he applies the paint be a focal part of the painting, but it goes deeper than just movement. Alex is able to effectively use the medium of paint to capture a myriad of elements that the artist would rather not define as representing any image. A great new body of work from the artist and Speerstra Gallery.


Alex Kuznetsov “Visual Attractions”
from 2015-09-26 to 2015-10-31 @ Speerstra Gallery, Switzerland

Willem Speerstra is proud to present “Visual Attractions”, Alex Kuznetsov second personal exhibition. After a first successful exhibition called “Abstractism” in 2013, the Belarusian artist pursues his plastic explorations through a series of new works on paper and canvas. Opening reception 26 september, 3 – 6pm.

Alex Kuznetsov put’s aside his spray paints for a more sophisticated and less vaporous technique. Acrylic paint is softly spread with tools, the works now becomes a wide chart of colours. It seems obvious thats Kuznetsov’s sensibility for calligraphy which comes from his graffiti background and is visible in this new series. Instinctively, it is towards a more resolute abstraction that the artist is now engaged and tells us: “do not try to find any images” there are none and suggests us to look deeper into the texturised, thickened, colourful and skilfully mixed pallet of his feelings. Kuznetsov paintings are obsessed by delicate dynamism with a total control on the canvas reliefs and depths. Undoubtedly, the artist considers the process in the same way as the result, at the same time fundamental and significant.

Without any reference to the reality, the work of Alex Kuznetsov offers a new aesthetic dimension which invites us into contemplation and meditation. With “Visual Attractions”, Alex Kuznetsov asserts himself in an approach of permanent research for a perfect based on a scholar equation between the composition, the colours, the material and of course the movement, keystone of its whole production.