Zoer and Velvet have been collaborating together for years together on murals as well as paintings, sometimes artists are able to interact almost instinctively as one such is the case between these two. Working together they have created a substantial body of work for their latest exhibition “L’ETAT LIMITE” in Tokyo’s Kaikai Kiki’s Zingaro Galleries. The exhibition was curated by Takashi Murakami as part of his Geisai Project.


Courtesy Hidari Zingaro/Kaikai Kiki Co., Ltd.

For fourteen years, the art event GEISAI has helped many young artists debut and showcase their works. After its twentieth installment, GEISAI is now moving on to a new phase. The venue for this next phase will be Kaikai Kiki’s Zingaro galleries in Nakano Broadway. To these spaces, the project will summon graffiti artists, street artists, and other cross-genre creators from around the world. Titled “GEISAI∞ infinity,” the project will consist of a new series of exhibitions centered around the creative release artists experience when they abandon the contextual emphasis of contemporary art. The exhibitions will be curated by Takashi Murakami and Takumi “Kasenyan” Kaseno of the GEISAI Executive Committee.The first exhibition will feature Kaikai Kiki artist JNTHED and open on February 6 at our Zingaro spaces in Nakano Broadway.

For a full schedule, visit the webpage below.

2015年 Zingaro 『GEISAI∞ infinity』プロジェクト始動

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