Bay Area Graffiti Staple Optimist a respected and important figure in the art and scene will open an important Solo Exhibition at Oakland’s Lequive Gallery. The show titled “Packrats Paradise” captures the artists experience in the Graffiti world at the same time capturing his travels across Asia as well as living in the San Francisco Bay area. The exhibition will feature a complete installation of the artists collection of memorabilia and ephemera, from tags to collected paint and ink the artist surrounds himself with captured items all representing a collective memory of his life. This collecting of memories is also relayed to his canvases which depict moments intertwined together as a stream of thoughts and images. We are excited to see the full exhibition and recommend you make you way to Oakland to capture the full experience in person.



“Packrat’s Paradise” is a rare glimpse into one of the most active & elusive artists to roam the Bay Area streets: Optimist. This body of work spans eight years – sketches, photographs, elaborate paintings and a large collection of crew memorabilia.

Not just an assemblage of styles, but an insightful history lesson of one of Oakland’s oldest subcultures.

All Photos courtesy of Brock Brake