Martina Merlini opened her latest exhibition last month at the Shooting Gallery in San Francisco. The exhibition “Starch, Wax, Paper on wood refers to the process Martina uses to create the installation and new work on Wood. The artist also has painted an impressive installation to go along with the new work.

With “Starch, Wax, Paper and Wood” Martina makes a direct reference to the mediums used in this the series of work. The title and the medium is an important aspect of the artists process and approach to interpreting the work. Utilizing common material such as starch or wax Martina creates unique contradictions in mediums that enable her to work the surface of the paintings, collages, or murals. The impermanent nature of the mediums allow for reworking and unique imperfections that are created by a process that the artist experiments with. As ephemeral as her paper murals that are created in an act of destruction and creation at the same time, taking and giving with what is left. These remnants and traces are an impermanent reflection that will soon be gone. We included some images of recent murals by Martina that allow you to appreciate the process that is also reflected in her studio work and installations.



Photos the Artist and Brock Brake

Shooting Gallery Project Space is pleased to present new paintings and installation by Italian artist Martina Merlini, in her first solo exhibition with the gallery titled Starch, Wax, Paper & Wood. Merlini will be an artist in residence for a month’s time leading up to and during her exhibition, creating new works on panel and a large-scale installation. The opening reception will be held on Saturday, October 11 from 7 pm to 11 pm. The exhibit will be on view through November 1, 2014 and is free and open to the public.

Martina Merlini was born in Bologna, Italy in 1986. She received a degree in Illustration from IED Milano and now lives and works in Milan. She has collaborated with and had clients such as Vice Italia, Zelle ArteContemporanea, Rivista Studio, Eli Edizioni, Diner Journal, Assab One and The Milan Review. Merlini often showcases her work in Milan and throughout Italy, and has shown work in notable contemporary art galleries in Amsterdam and the U.S.

Event Information
Starch, Wax, Paper & Wood
Opening Reception – Saturday, October 11, 7-11 pm
On View Through November 1, 2014
@ Shooting Gallery (
886 Geary Street, San Francisco, CA 94109