As we move into a new era of Urban/Contemporary painters we are forced to deal with the issue of evaluating a new set of work that takes influence from both genres. This hybrid version of art is reflected more with some artists than others. Labuena Ylamala is a artist who has influence from the urban environment with her interventions of sculpture and Murals, but her real strength is in her studio work. With “Forever” she showcases a deep understanding of color and form in the 2d and 3d. The Flat yet voluminous work is has a familiar flow of movement seen on the streets yet is confined to relief in the works. An excellent control of color and space is accomplished with her work, yet I feel there is a need for a deeper contrast either in texture or the application of the paint. As slick as spray paint can be and as intricate as the urban landscape can be there is an edginess to these places that the artist missed in the work. Very refined work that embodies more of the contemporary and historical in art but misses an opportunity to push the influence of the Urban. All around a beautiful execution of color and form that opens the door to we hope new progressive work in the future, as the potential is definitely there.


In continuous evolution, her work talks about forms in space, and the movement which is originated through them. A work always defined by an interest by the air and kinetic, floating sculptures, installations, three-dimensional paintings and urban interventions combining using different planes and layers that overlap creating new perspectives. Works of dynamic lines that take to the viewer to make a visual journey in a geometric, spatial, abstract and energetic color landscape. Most recent interventions, include the one in the industrial chimney of the factory La Escocesa Center of Creation in Barcelona, as in the Festival of Public Art Walk&Talk in Punta Delgada, Azores.

Current exhibition

17th October- 15th November


Presents “FOR EVER”