Alexey Luka and Ekta Ekta



From September 6 to October 15 more than 70 artists from both Russia and around the world will take part of the Moscow Street Art Biennale ‘Artmossphere’, the first of this kind in the country.

With artists arriving everyday the preparations for the event have already started and in the days to come six urban facades will serve as canvases for Moneyless and 2501 (Italy), SatOne (Germany), Momo (USA), Nicholas Barroma (France) and Erosie (Netherlands) whilst Spanish artist Okuda will install a four-meter sculpture consisting of colored crystal modules at the Muzeon Park in Moscow.

The main event at the Biennial, which opens on Sept 6, will be a large-scale exhibition at the Art Play Design Center showcasing the works of all artists invited and will include both graphic work, installations, sculptures and mural painting.

In addition to a few solo shows (to be announced) and group exhibitions, there will be held lectures and master classes counting with the participation of 12 speakers including the Living Walls in Atlanta curator Monica Campana, Vice-President of the Polish Foundation Urban Forms Teresa Latushevsku-Sirda and curator of the exhibition “Pasha 183” in MMOMA Pauline Borisov.

Here a few images of the work in progress so far.

Fran Cacirano