Sorry for the late post on this exhibition but if you are in Amsterdam you will want to make sure to check this show out. Mini Galerie opens their new space with a group exhibition “Apetura”. The show invites a group of like minded Italian artists Moneyless, 108, CT, Tellas, Roberto Ciredz and Martina Merlini. The all Italian show will exhibit a range of work in different mediums. We are excited to see Mini galerie curate this exhibition allowing the Italians to come together as a group and exhibit. We will have a full update as soon as we get the pictures, till then get to the show and show support.




Group exhibition Apertura

Mini Galerie, Amsterdam, The Netherlands 24 May – 21 June 2014

The Mini Galerie is proud to present Apertura, an ‘all Italian’ exhibition at the new location of the Mini Galerie in Amsterdam. For this exhibition the gallery invited the following six talented Italian artists: Moneyless, 108, CT, Tellas, Roberto Ciredz and Martina Merlini. The exhibition will host a variety of techniques, sizes and media, ranging from drawings, paintings and wall objects to photographs and screenprints.
The Apertura (the Italian word for opening) exhibition will be the first exhibition at the new space of the Mini Galerie. After three years of organizing exhibitions in a small apartment in the city centre of Amsterdam, it is time for the gallery to take the next step.
You are welcome to join us for the opening of the new show and the new location on the 23rd of May, 18-21 h.