Gilbert1 has remained busy as usual with exhibitions, and installations such as this one his most recent. The Project “Home 2014” was put together by the Mill Crew and supported by the city of Toul habitat. Here is Gilbert1’s contribution to the project as well as links below to the whole project and its page.


Mill Crew supported by the city of Toul Toul Habitat
is proud to present the HOME project.

Ambitious group exhibition designed by graffiti artists, painters, artists, sculptors and photographers.
In total, more than thirty national and European artists who will awaken Massenet building.

We invite you to discover our inner and our contemporary gallery exterior frescoes

Discover become an art gallery building Massenet
ephemeral urban 600 m2 indoor and frescoes
External extending over 2000 m2.

More information about the project here: /

Page Mill crew: