Etnik opened “COD: 5005” a new exhibition of work at Torino’s Square 23 Gallery. Along with a mural installation painted for the show Etnik was also busy painting walls around town. Here is a photo recap of some of the work exhibited and the finished Murals. The exhibition and title COD 5005 references the color code for a dark color, alluding to the intense dark side and profoundness of the artists work. You can read the full show summary below to learn more about the exhibition and the artist.


ETNIK – COD: 5005

8 May to 26 July 2014
by Alessandra Ioalè

” 5005 ” is the color code of blue, dark, intense, profound: the spray used by ETNIK – 90s one of the pivotal figures in the panorama of Italian writing – to paint urban and suburban symbol of the darkness that pervades the dark atmosphere in which waving his compositions, his urban landscapes.

With Etnik cities “invisible” by Italo Calvino become the city “perspective” that show their dark side: imprison the man, disfigure nature, destroy living beings. There is no way to escape. The battle that nature performs against the steady growth of the cement is vain. Men do not stand a chance, isolated in their loneliness or imprisoned in the forms.

The art works show the city – deconstructed into floating geometric structures, including emerging palaces, barracks, views and classic industrial architecture – becomes a cage, in which the human being (you) is trapped. What emerges is a critical and ironic edge, enclosing the adversarial relationship with the city of Etnik: on the one hand and tie prison, the other source of inspiration and “canvas” of expression. In all the works of the letters that make up his tag “Etnik” are a constant presence, even if seemingly unrecognizable in their transformation into geometric shapes.