We are happy to announce this Collaborative launch today of a series of Prints from our recent “A Major Minority” Exhibition that took place last month at 1AM Gallery. You can still see the original work and purchase here. For the Print Release you can see that Here. More information is Below.


Location: San Francisco, California & Detroit, Michigan

8.3 x 11.7 inches Archival Pigment Prints
Curated by San Francisco-based artist Poesia, “A Major Minority” is a survey of Othercontemporary Urban Artists from over 18 countries consisting of over a 100 artists. Expect to see an international sampling of art works that reveal the overall character of Urban Art and its relationship to the public as well as the contemporary art world.

This selection of more than 20 prints from A Major Minority includes work from 1xRUN veterans as Defer, Estria, Askew and Poesia, as well as first timers Bom.k, Drew Young, Moneyless, Morik, Pener, Sepe, Vesod, Xuan Alyfe, Vincent Abadie Hafez-Zepha, SatOne, Bezt, Basik, See One and COL. Each print is limited to just 50 and is A4 size for easy framing.

Select a limited edition print below to purchase…