We wanted to introduce you to the work of Italian artist Alberonero. Urban Minimalist who utilizes geometric shapes and color to create provoking insitu murals as well as studio work. We asked the artist to explain a little about his work in a statement which he provided below.


“Square as prime and complete shape. The juxtaposition of multiple forms to create a balance among the images. The geometry of the shape, the use of a spontaneous stroke gives me the chance to create effective proportions in relation to the architecture of the location with a more abstract dimension. I add my planar vision to the three dimensionality of the space, a flat, neat grid, that is the base of each construction in my vision. The color scale as aesthetic element of an a not so apparent continuity. With the use of multiple stratification levels, I can give dynamism to the composition, which is apparently extremely static. I believe that water colors are the most efficient mean to convey my work.”