Just make sure you watch the video if you dont do anything else. Always pushing the boundaries of graffiti and documentation The Grifters again release a mesmerizing video. Beautiful destruction, Cokney and The Grifters collaborate on this impressive performance art/vandalism/insitu installation/etc. The video hits on so many marks and also is the video to DJ Pone’s latest LP Erratic Impulses. I will take the insitu vandalism of Cokney any day over conceptual drones painting canvases. Bravo to all involved.


DJ Pone – Dipodaine feat Didaï (THE GRIFTERS x COKNEY)

Erratic Impulses is not only the latest EP of the parisian DJ and producer DJ pone, its also the motto of the newest video from The Grifters. Together with the tattoo and graffiti artist Cokney, equipped with a lot of different paints they found themselves in a train yard somewhere in France. Coloring the trains in many ways and using various techniques, its growing to a incredible artwork. Accompanied by the track Dipodaine from DJ Pone featuring Didaï, The Grifters and Cockney did a masterpiece that you haven’t seen before…