Same Same™ – Book by Taps & Moses – Video Preview from The Grifters on Vimeo.


TOP SPRAYER™ X THE GRIFTERS: SAME SAME™ from The Grifters on Vimeo.

The Good guys over at The Grifters have been preparing a rare limited release from Moses @ Taps. One of if not the most prolific train writing duo has teamed up with The Grifters for a new Book release and limited edition run of only 500 copies. The Book titled “Same Same” will be available at 10am Monday, April 21. Dont waste time thinking about it make sure to pick up a copy and have the closest thing you will get to a limited edition release from these legends. You can Buy the Book Here.


MOSES & TAPS ™ are undoubtedly among the most active and creative writers on the planet. Although their avant-garde works often leave the path of the traditional Writings , the reference to graffiti remains always visible. With her ​​first book INTERNATIONAL TOPSPRAYER ™ , the five-digit edition in the best-selling books, graffiti has become part at all , they have provided the breadth of their artistic creation impressively demonstrated and created THE reference work .

SAME SAME ™ now is the title of a photo book that deals exclusively with MOSES & TAPS ™ ‘ Throw -ups and their environment.
” Graffiti is formally redundant , since repeated the personal style and graffiti content is redundant, because the name shown repeatedly . At the same time moves the really exciting moment , namely the interaction of graffiti and its environment only in focus when the Painted withdraws in his individuality and demands no attention , ” explained the idea behind TM ™ SAME SAME ™ .
SAME SAME ™ is not a succession of plant INTERNATIONAL TOPSPRAYER ™ but the documentation of a solution to the dilemma between the “perfect piece ” and the ” perfect photo ” .
Nevertheless, MOSES & TAPS ™ take the viewer this time with their probably never -ending travel across the continents : Berlin shafts, the Trans-Siberian Railway or NATO military training areas ; yellow- blue Easter egg roll now not only on thousands of freight cars around the world.

SAME SAME ™ is not a mass product but a collector’s item . The hardcover of untreated cardboard is sprayed individually by MOSES & TAPS ™ by SAME template and as supplemented by the title – so each copy is unique . The book is limited and numbered to 500 copies . It is not sold in stores. The sales take place from Easter Monday, April 21, 10 Clock exclusively on instead .

Edition: 500 numbered copies ; Hardcover ( handmade) ; 15 cm x 21 cm; 154 pages (150 g / m² , high-quality 100% recycled paper); Offset printing ( printed and bound in the EU); Intro: German / English ; Price 35, – €