Matt W. Moore has kept himself busy outside of murals and paintings. MWM has put a tremendous amount of time and effort into his “Core Deco” 2014 Collection. Since 2011 MWM has teamed up with talented artisans to extend his design reach to products that you can live with and use. Core Deco has been a important part of MWM’s passion to bridge all his expertise with functional product design. Make sure to check the website and watch the videos of his recent releases ranging from Tiles, Rugs, tables, pillows, and a terrarium.




We are very pleased to share our entirely new range of home goods. Bold, unexpected, and memorable, each of the new offerings has it’s own distinct presence.

In the furniture category, we have two exciting new additions, The Pyramid Terrarium and The Diamond Table. Expertly constructed with luxurious hardwoods, these items are well suited to take center stage in your home or office.

Three new Jacquard Afghans this year. Each has it’s own symmetrical quadtone design inspired by classic Rorschach Tests. Get ready for the beach! And to accompany them, a new set of quilted hexy op-art pillows.

After the wild success of our debut collection of Ceramic Tiles, we are back now with even more options. Timeless greyscale geometry meets the modern interior. Revive your shower or kitchen backsplash with these unique gems.

Thanks for your continued support. Enjoy!