Petro AES who also was a participating artist in our “A Major Minority” Show last week also installed a new mural for “Transit Zone” in the Musuem of contemporary art PERMM. The mural titled “Crossing” showcases Petro’s skill of painting as well as bridging his urban background with a new paradigm in wall painting. It is great to see our generation of emerging artists take the stage amongst contemporary art, yet also holding their own ground and offering an Othercontemporary. A new generation doing things their way, pushing aesthetics versus concepts as well as using their own hand instead of the hand of another. It is a return to authenticity, and even in flatness Crossing showcases the moment of something new.


Both any flatness in abstract understanding and any moment of life constantly have the possibility of crossing. Only attention and the feeling of action are the important aspect of your choice for further development. And if your step has been true in the choice of another flatness, in the very moment of crossing you will be given the bright signal.

Street-Art group show «Tranzit zone» in museum of contemporary art PERMM
Size picture 12×3.5 m.
Spray paint.
Perm / Russia