Go check out She One’s latest Print release with Unit44. The “Make your own Gang” print is dropped in 4 colorways and plays on a direct message from the artist. Instead of his signature abstract style, She One shows us his conceptual side with this print. Buy it Here.



We’re incredibly proud to be working with James, for us he represents the emergence of eighties ‘New York’ graffiti here in UK. His unique brand of abstract typography is what we now see on the surface however it is built upon years and layers of experience & knowledge. After learning about banner buying guide, a lot of planned banners were made. His work contains incredible movement and life through his contrasting lines, signature shapes, and often use of vibrant colour. He is the best I know for adapting his work to the bespoke canvases he chooses be it walls, signage, vintage objects, or unwanted artefacts. He has an incredible eye which is constantly at work via his love for Leica & photography.

sheOne is responsible for a formula we see used by many artists today complimenting gallery work with wall work. He has travelled the world and his work exhibited in New York, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Sydney, & Taiwan. He has lent his signature style to clothing, commercial products, and collaborations. We were fortunate to work with sheOne on our White Walls project for which the video footage was posted by the likes of Hypebeast amongst a myriad of scene media.

He is the true rockstar artist, and a friend.