2 color screen print
230g Fabriano cotton paper
Limited edition of 10
35 x 50 cm
Pinted / signed and numbered by the artist

30 euro each / 50 euro for both + shipping
write to m_merlini@hotmail.it to order your copy

Tellas x GORGO “From Outer Space” Silkscreen Print €40.00

The print is hand-made by our friends of Sericraft, Italian specialists in this sector. The selected drawing is one of the classic figures belonging to the imaginary of Tellas. A new form dense and rich of natural elements and it finds here its meaning in the habitat of universe.
The print measures 35×50 cm, hand pulled on Fedrigoni cotton wove paper 350gr and it’s going to come out in two versions: “B/W version” it’s made of 40 copies in black and white at 40 euros, “Night Version” it’s a Limited edition and it’s made of 10 colorful copies (midnight blue and cream) priced at 50 euros.

Kenor Preview Tomorrow – Limited Edition Prints + Original Artwork

” In this painting I have merged all the styles that have developed over the last 10 years. Deconstruction, abstract geometry, dimension and movement. The idea was to paint without sketching. A painting action reaction. With all senses open.

The idea for this piece was born after hearing the last album of Pan Sonic Gravitoni. My work is heavily influenced by the music that created this duo of experimental techno music Finland. Your music starts from a small sound, as a reference point, which is growing and mutating repeatedly and constantly evolving. The idea was to paint this sound.” – Kenor

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