Pro176 will debut his first solo exhibition”Liquid Mecanism” of 2014 at London’s Pure Evil Gallery March 6th. Here is a preview set of images and the artist working on some of the pieces for the show. A colorful combination of super heroes letterforms are intertwined in the moving forms of his paintings. Abstract versions of comic book heroes Pro176 plays with the perception of the viewer as what looks like a figurative form morphs into an abstracted version of another universe. If your in London I wouldn’t miss seeing his work in person and trying to decipher it yourself.


“Liquid Mecanism” a solo show opens on March 6th 2014 at the Pure Evil Gallery.

PRO176 was born the 29th of July 1976 in Paris and grew up at Choisy-le Roi, a little town located in a south suburb of Paris . At the young age of 5 , he discovered the work of Jack Kirby, the famous American comic-book artist . KAPOWWWWWW !!!

His current style is influenced by Jack Kirby, by his eternal philosophical quest of the good against the evil played on the background of universes filled with infinite stars and galaxies, populated by super-heroes and super-villains . Big futuristic machines and other spaceships straight out of a science-fiction movie will often appear in the landscape; his letters are worked on to the extreme and always perfectly overlapped in this astral-galactical universe where the anatomic lines of his characters are combined with a bright colour pallete.