Shok-1 was finally able to put together a full set of images from his most recent solo exhibition “X-Rainbow” at Pictures on Walls. X-Rainbow is a diverse body of work ranging from paintings, prints, installations, and a mixture mediums and subject matter. The common palette is in line with the title of the show with electrifying rainbow hues. Shok-1 is a masterful painter with the spray can, his ability to control a spray paint can has allowed Shok-1 to take his work from a large scale to a canvas. This exhibition is more than just an artist moving indoors, Shok-1 was able to transform the gallery into a mixture of mediums. What excited me about seeing the final images for the show was being able to see the artist bridge different mediums together without having it looked overworked or unnatural. There is a great balance in the installations juxtaposed against masterful paintings where Shok-1 has left no detail to be lost. Upon closer inspection the artist has built a texture on the canvases that mimics the stucco of a wall. It is the attention to detail that you expect from the paintings of Shok-1 that translate over to the whole exhibition. Very Impressive.


All Photos courtesy of the Artist Shok-1