I dont know if this is Augustine Kofie‘s largest solo mural he has painted, if it isnt his largest to date it is definitely his most impressive. Kofie was invited to paint in Mexico City by All City Canvas in this collaborative project with Herman Miller and Impact Hub D.F. Ending the year with a Bang Kofie has outdone himself with this massive mural. Utilizing one of his signature nostalgic greens contrasted with a pastel orange Kofie set the background for a intense composition and overall shape. Working this large it is good to see Kofie pulling out some new tricks from the bag, when an artist is confronted with scale sometimes normal tricks need to be tweeked. In the end a complete transformation of the wall that was textured and aged, now sits a game changing mural that engages its landscape. Bravo!


Photos courtesy of All City Canvas and Impact HUB

Augustine Kofie in Roma Colony, Mexico City for All City Canvas, Herman Miller Foundation and Impact HUB D.F.

In the middle of Colonia Roma (Roma neighborhood) in the Cuauhtémoc borough of Mexico City, where the modern converge with the old and where the historic intertwines with the contemporary creating an eclectic and lively atmosphere I will be creating a sight specific mural intervention from December 13th to the 21st. Near Alvaro Obregon Avenue, on Tonala Street, this urban aesthetic intervention will begiving the passersby a new perspective on their surroundings.