As we catch up on posts this week we bring your attention to this 2 man exhibition that opened last month in Argentina. Luckily you still have this week to see the exhibition if you live near Buenos Aires. “Mediocre” curated by Camile Cousin features collaborative work from Franco Jaz Fasoli, and Axel Void. With the concept of taking daily news from the local media as the subject of the paintings, the artists worked on paintings engaging daily life in Buenos Aires. The 1 week residency resulted in the exhibition “Mediocre” at Matienzo Cultural Club. Mediocre showcases both artists talents and their ability to create moving imagery. Excellent exhibition.


Franco Fasoli (Jaz) and Axel Void: “Mediocre” Curated by Camille Cousin

Opening: 22d of november. Until the 20th of december, Tuesday – Sunday from 6 pm
Club Cultural Matienzo: Pringles 1249, Buenos Aires. Argentine

“Mediocre” is Axel Void’s first visit to Latin America, and his first studio project with Franco Fasoli (also known as Jaz).

Jaz (who was born and lives in Argentina) and Axel (who was born Spain), who have already worked together on different walls in Miami and Berlin, are currently exhibiting in Matienschön (the art space at Club Cultural Matienzo) the result of an intense one-week process, during which they plunged into the daily life of Buenos Aires as represented on different local newspapers. All along seven days, this duo chose two news items per day to depict them on canvases at four hands.

If we assume that their work as muralists results from a quest for gaining direct contact with society, here their portrait of everyday life is mediated by the studio context and the news media editorial filter as creator of reality and fiction. “Mediocre” puts on display a process of dialogue and pictorial bargaining between two artists with a strong graphic identity, casting light on the tension in our society regarding media discourse and “stories,” and revealing the implicit violence in many of our daily actions.