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Jacques Villeglés + anonymous

*Update here is the video finally released of the project, well worth the wait. Another amazing project from Paris.

Lek and Sowat were involved with a recent film “Tracés Directs” and installation that took place at the Palais de Tokyo, yet the Film will be screened at a separate Location in Paris details below. The film documents artists drawing on a chalkboard that was installed at the Palais de Tokyo. The artists were invited by Sowat and Lek and all have roots in Urban/Graffiti art. With “Tracés Directs” the artists come and go each erasing and proclaiming a space of temporary nature, yet as with graffiti it is through the documentation of a fleeting artform that traces and moments are left behind. Never being able to witness the actual work in person is not uncommon for graffiti artists as it could be gone within hours erased as fast as a chalkboard eraser. The fragile nature of our artform is referenced in chalk and each artist is able to have their moment with the chalkboard always knowing its imminent demise. An exceptional installation and concept that we look forward to watching in full when it is released. If you are in Paris make the trip to see the screening at O’connels.


Tracés Directs In “Nuit blanche 2013” contest
05/10/2013 – 19:00

Place: O’Connells 142 rue Oberkampf 75011 Paris

Let and Sowat have secretly invited street artists to work with chalk and water on a blackboard at the Palais de Tokyo. The film – with its choppy editing and monochrome aesthetic – documents this experience while exploring the questions of relocating from the street to the institution, violence and destruction, and the fragility of a trace.

Graffiti artists Lek and Sowat work together as practitioners of Urbex: finding and taking over abandoned urban spaces that are steeped in history. In their large-scale frescoes, the typographical motifs traditionally used in graffiti art are pushed towards a form of architectural abstraction.

Associated Artists: Philippe Baudelocque, Wxyz, Alëxone, Smo, L’Outsider, Sowat, Babs, Skki, Jay one, Tcheko, Apôtre, Kan, Seb174, Sambre, Nassyo, Popay, Spé, Fléo, Lek, Dem189, Swiz and Jacques Villeglé (in order of appearance).

Art centers in the spotlight

Art centers are production and dissemination hubs of contemporary art, present across the entire country in both urban and rural areas. Invited by Chiara Parisi and Julie Pellegrin, curators of the Nuit Blanche 2013, these centers will present close to 60 films that they’ve produced over the last few years in several emblematic bars of the Rue Oberkampf and in the auditorium of the Pavillon Carré de Baudouin.

Rue Oberkampf – Paris 11th arrondissement
121, rue de Ménilmontant – Paris 20th arrondissement
Metro stations Parmentier / Ménilmontant / Gambetta


The film will be screened at O’Connells
142 rue Oberkampf
75011 Paris

The program in its entirety can be found at: and


A partnership between d.c.a / association française de développement des centres d’art and Nuit Blanche 2013