We are pleased to announce 108 will be exhibiting at 999Contemporary in Rome this week. The exhibition “The thin mountain, the soft mountain” curated by Stefano S. Antonelli sets out to showcase 108’s important role in Italian Graffiti/Urban art. Following the last exhibition of Moneyless 108 sets out to follow up with another impressive exhibition of new work. I have written many times on the importance and authenticity in 108’s work. An originator who uses form to speak of those unspoken thoughts, the still moments of contemplation. Sublime, aesthetically somber yet infused with something powerful. 108 is able to utilize painting to effectively capture stillness and the power of potentiality. It is great to see 999 Contemporary and Stefano be able to effective curate important exhibition after another, and showcasing today’s rising contemporaries. We urge you to take in the work of 108 yourself if you are luckily enough to be in Italy.



108 | The thin mountain, the soft mountain
108 solo show | 999Contemporary | 13 nov – 7 dic 2013
OPENING november 13 2013 H 19.00
Curated by Stefano S. Antonelli

This show continues the 999 project survey on Italian street art with an extraordinary artist. You could think it’s a coincidence that, 108 (with Moneyless) is the only Italian artist on the World Atlas of Street Art and Graffiti published by Yale University, that he is one of the few Italians called to paint the Tour Paris 13 and one of the artists of the legendary FAME Festival Grottaglie. Believe me, it’s not a coincidence.
When we made in July 2012 Outdoor with Nu Factory, I met Momo, during the execution of the extraordinary building in Via del Commercio in Rome, I made a little interview, I asked him if he had an artists who inspired him, someone he admired and without thinking he replied immediately: one o eight, 108. To understand the importance of 108 in street art, these lines would not be enough, so let some basics be enough. 108 is an originator. An artist who’s making a 15 years research on the form producing a quiet street art, miles far from any pop influence that might appease the viewer, a personal work , unique and mysterious. Everything don’t say “look at me look at me”. An artist in continuous and inseparable relationship with his land and his mountains whose consequences are represented to the viewer through these forms. The form, the form, the form, seems an obsession with this artist and I love obsessive artists, so I’m particularly proud of this encounter between 108 and 999 whose sum is 1107 and if it’s true that the numbers speak to us, you understand what I’m talking about.

The work of 108 on color is a separate chapter that you will read by yourself at the show or on internet where 108 jobs are displayed as well as the whole street art. This is the story how 108, Alessandria, Piedmont, the Alps unexpectedly become street art and conquere the world. And now Rome. The thin mountain, the soft mountain.

Stefano S. Antonelli

Via Alessandro Volta 48
00153 Testaccio, Roma
ITALY | Lun-Sab 15.00-20-00