Boris “Delta” Tellegen just posted these pictures of a recent installation at the Palais de Tokyo. The work was installed deep within the walls and basement of the Palais Tokyo in Paris. Hidden behind the exhibition space where installations form today’s contemporary artists have their work shown there is a secret installation started in the summer of 2012. The original “Entrails of the Secret Palais” started when Lek and Sowat were invited to create work in the Palais. The idea was to create work in the forgotten and unseen parts of the Palais the emergency exits, and backroom corridors. It was only natural for the artists to find a place more natural to the art of graffiti. Delta looks to be a new addition to the project in what could be termed Version 2 of the Entrails of the secret Palais. We expect to see some more installations that opens Oct 21st. The amazing project was curated by Hugo Vitrani and we want to thank Nicolas Gzeley, and Silvio Magaglio for the amazing set of new pictures for this post.


“Intersections of black lines and crisscrossing chrome, pink and fluorescent orange vertical lines are extended by taut threads. Resembling overlapping, deconstructed letters, these graphic compositions create a momentum that is caught in the fissured drywall and covered in black and silver lightning, spat out by a paint-rigged fire extinguisher – the DIY weapon of choice of the painters of large scale vandalism. Projected shadows, reflections on ceilings and walls, broken mirrors creating effects of symmetry and dis-symmetry: Boris Tellegen lacerates the space of his “Zone de Faille” [Fault Zone], confronting its architecture to provoke new perspectives into existence. Boris Tellegen describes his visual work as a dialogue with architecture: the imposing canalization of the Palais de Tokyo crosses through the center of his composition. He also extends the repetitive rigor of the fireproof ceiling, absorbing the Fluorescent spray-painted outlines of electrical boxes, traced by the Palais de Toko’s architects during the building’s renovation. His precarious installation of layers of insulation, mirror and transparent plastic film evokes an incomplete construction blueprint or the vestiges of a wall in ruins.”

Curator: Hugo Vitrani