My advice to artists always starts somewhere along the lines of just do the work the rest will work itself out maybe its naive yet I always tend to believe that its a bigger problem not taking action than contemplating it. This brings us to Gael “Paum/Sarin” Ricci’s Online exhibition “White”. Gael is a member of the graffiti crew Chetto Farceur and an remarkable artist and draftsmen. With “white” Gael set out to create work and hold the exhibition online for sale on Ebay. This interesting concept gives an end result to creating a body of work wether the financial success is what the artists intended, I think the fact he did the work is already a success. We salute Gael for taking things upon himself and putting his work in the public sphere to be sold or not, yet it is already seen. Below is the concept about the show. You can bid on the work on EBAY HERE.


The concept

The White project is a collection of paintings, alchemy of fire and paint medium, minimalist in its approach.
How is it possible to create a graphic art using only white paint on white canvas?
It is here that fire is introduced to create a sort of deep obscurity using combustion which the artist takes advantage of in creating contrast, relief and texture in the pictorial works.
The illustrations are the result of this creative process and the inspiration comes from street art, tattoos as well as abstract art.
The accent of combustion by using fire underlines the originality of the project and certainly adds to the difficulty in accomplishing the works of art in this collection.
The artist is confronted with certain risks and must learn the techniques necessary in obtaing the required results in this very particular and personal approach.
A whole new artistic interpretation being the very essence of the WHITE concept which manages to successfully mix antique etchings with abstract art.

The collection is composed of 10 digitally created illustrations on paper form, with a black frame.
Each and every design is personally signed by the artist.

Filmed over a period of 5 days partly in Saint Raphael and partly in Decazeville in France, WHITE is a unique concept mainly preoccupied with the way images are handled.
In many regards surrealist, the film is portrayed as an art form rather than documentary retracing long hours of labour in the artists’ studio.
Autumn, the season of falling leaves, juggling between scenes of creation and lifestyle, the film takes us into the highly atmospheric baroque universe where it is almost possible to detect the smell of burnt sulfur.
Filmed by Benoit Piccolini a professional camera man working in Montreal, the project boasts a sophisticated and polished scenario accrediting the association of paint and fire.
The film shines and convinces thanks to the music of Otchakovski coupled with Clams Casino as brilliant as ever.
The highly strung nature of the film conceals from the spectator the calm of the artists touch.
One can see in this film the final step of the project and is as such the last visual trace of the creative process of WHITE.