Graffiti Art Magazine just released their newest edition to “The Urban Contemporary art Guide 2013”.Anyone that has had the pleasure of purchasing one of these guides will agree, that this is an impressive and must have guide for anyone interested in collecting art in the Urban Contemporary Art Genre. Graffiti Art Magazine set out much like our blog to establish a presence where there was none, to create a solution for a problem they felt needed an answer. With the emerging market of Urban art besides blogs and auction guides there is no magazine or publication dedicated to the subject of collecting Urban Art. Having extensive experience publishing the amazing Graffiti Art Magazine that does touch on the subject as well, they felt they could bring a quality guide to any new collector or experienced collector interested in our market. Although the guide is now only in French they have plans to have it in english soon. With artist features, market synopsis as well as an extensive Gallery guide for collectors this guide has it all. If you are in Paris i am sure it will be at local bookstores or you can order it online here. This edition has Jonone on the cover as well as a 50 yr success story about the artist.



This is the second volume of the annual Guide by Graffiti Art magazine. 244 pages – 500 images – more than 100 artists featured – French language

– JonOne, 50 years: success story
– Urban Contemporary Art from €100 to €100,000
– 100 International Artists who made the year 2012-2013
– French Re-emerging talent to follow
– International Galleries index

This Guide is a detailed presentation of more than 100 artists (recognized as emerging), made ​​of a biography of an information sheet and images of course, their recent works. It’s also a retrospective portrait that immerses you in the course of JonOne, on the occasion of its fiftieth anniversary. The Guide is also an indication of the price of urban contemporary art, to learn how to wisely buy between 100 and 100 000 euros.

At the end of the guide there is a “Galleries index” with over 250 galleries around the world.
To have a comprehensive overview of contemporary urban scene 2012 – 2013, no doubt, this is the 2013 Guide for you!

People can order it online here