Hense continues his run with yet another captivating mural. This site-specific mural measures 10×100 ft painted in Detroit and commissioned by Library Street Collective. There are advantages to painting on your feet compared to on a lift hundreds of feet in the air. With this recent mural we are able to see Hense weave texture, various marks, and color in a more intricate nature. The multiple layers are prevalent in the recent mural compared to his previous monumental murals, more intimate in nature if nothing due to the fact the artist was able paint with his feet on the ground. Another impressive mural from Hense as well as a great project from The Library Street Collective.


“Untitled, 2013, Site-specific wall installation, latex enamel and spray paint on wall 10×100 feet, Detroit, MI
Commissioned and realized through Library Street Collective Gallery for Bedrock Real Estate Services.”

Photography Sal Rodriguez