Photo by Garu Garu

CT shared with us a new series of walls that he has painted over the last month. He also shared the text below with us explaining the new series of walls. CT is a hidden gem, the visual poetry that we sometimes forget about when we are saturated with mural after mural in all the summer festivals each rising to new heights. We watch with amazement as our artform sets new levels that we thought were impossible, yet with all this success we forget the silent. We forget the simplicity of our artform that started from a tag and expands exponentially. CT’s new walls reminds us of the humanism that exists still within our art. The flat and minimal work breathes as much life as the most intricate mural. We have to remember that all of our art exists within a wide range of style. We thank CT for reminding us of the simpler times.

“I painted some new “pieces” in the last year and after a period of transition I landed to a very basic shape… It seems a summary of my path, a new starting point. To design it I used the basic shapes of “CT” but in a way able to create an anti-device form. I don’t feel it as something “minimal” but more as simple, in a genuine way… a human shape.” CT