We are looking forward to seeing the full group exhibition “Hypergraphia” that will open this Thursday in Berlin’s BC Gallery. Until then we offer you a preview to some of the work that will be exhibited. The artists exhibited are HEIKO ZAHLMANN (D), MAX RIPPON (US), SOWAT (F), STOHEAD (D), TILT (F), VINCENT ABADIE HAFEZ (F), OS+FORTES (BR). “Hypergraphia” is curated by Maximiliano Ruiz a talented curator as well as published author of Walls and Frames, Nuevo Muendo, and Graffiti Argentina. Max has brought together a stellar lineup of artists from around the world offering a range of calligraphy influenced artists. It is the range of these artists that makes this show a must attend if you are in Berlin if you are a fan of handstyles or calligraphy inspired work. I use the term calligraphy loosely because these artists do so much more. The powerful work from each artist will take you on a journey from traditional New York, to Brasil’s own Pixação, Middle eastern influenced, and so much more that is better seen than written about. It is great to see a curator get it right when choosing to attempt to bring a show of this genre together and it is for this reason we strongly support “Hypergraphia” and suggest you do the same.


Curated by Maximiliano Ruiz

Please join us for our show opening on THURS 19/9/13 / 18H (Artists Max Rippon, Stohead and Heiko Zahlmann will be present)
DJ set by Sarah Farina (WeBoogie Berlin) Complimentary BBQ and drinks by Corona & Parliament Vodka

HYPERGRAPHIA @ BC GALLERY is an art show dedicated to the power of the letter. Representing the whole spectrum of urban calligraphy, HYPERGRAPHIA is spanning from New York style graffiti tags to Middle Eastern influenced calligraphy. Each artist in the international lineup will show a different angle of graffiti influenced calligraphy with three exclusive new works. Also, for the first time ever in a gallery, exhibiting official paperworks from Brazils pixação movement.