Zoer, Velvet, and Persu collaborated for Act 6 of a series of wall painting at the Histoire d’un Mur. They also shot a video for the installation that documents their impressive mural. I have to say this is one of more impressive murals so far on the wall utilizing not only paint but also collage.


Photo Credit Damin Huchet

For the sixth act of Story of a Wall Persu, Velvet and Zoer are honored and we propose a composite work and geometric. In a central ovoid shape, much like a car, the three artists have shared gridded areas and fragmented. In this patchwork show figures that characterize urban architecture: walls, staircases, windows, collages of old newspapers, but also a Citroën Visa 80 and some cats (we recognize Gizup, fire-cat Persu).

In this maze of lines and shapes, the only color present is derived from the garish yellow to dull. The rest is naturally made shades of gray. Mixing techniques and aesthetic Persu, Velvet Zoer and express their vision of the city as if they were torn and pasted the pages of their sketchbooks (sketchbooks) through a metropolitan prism. You can also observe the signatures of the artists made ​​in Braille by the artist The Blind, crossing the wall.