Gilbert1 released the second video to document a recent Insitu installation he finished at an abandoned house in France. The secluded home once someones place of residence has been left in decay. Gilbert1 transforms the space into an urban installation and documents it through stop motion film in Part 2 of the series of videos. We share with you part 1 and part 2 as well as installation photos. Another impressive work from the talented Gilbert1.


“To Build A Home is a solo project run in an abandonned place, a house on the edge of the forest, which was a meeting room and a room for parties of a sanatorium, designed by modernist architect AndrĂ© Lurçat in the 60’s. The project is focused on the building of a home, metaphor of the place full of our own story, in which we can recharge, but in which we can not remain forever, since man is not immortal, he is forced to abandon his own creation that will survive him. Only time and nature retain control.”