Momo just shared these pictures from his recent installation at Museo de Arte Contemporaneo de Oaxaca. An impressive display of Momo’s aesthetics mixed with sculptural elements. Momo establishes so much with so little, painting with 2 colors and black and white. Sweeping curves are continued from the wall and into the room they are painted in. This continuous flow is stabilized with the resting structures. Beautiful use of space and composition from Momo. It is also exciting to see one of our peers be able to showcase his talent in a museum environment.


“Topology on Walls and Wood-Walls and cut plywood structures are painted with regular arcs, measured from a single point on the ceiling. The arcs are colored yellow blue and halftone grey. The plywood structures design was first developed in Brazil with Eltono, for a collaborative project, and used with his permission and loving support of the team.”