Proembrion one of Poland’s emerging contemporary artists painted his mural for Traffic Design Festival. The mural is based upon one of the artist’s Glitched images. Normally working from a more mathematical formula the artist instead freestyles the mural referencing this particular series from the artist. It is refreshing to see geometrical images used in a new way. Although the artist wouldn’t necessarily call this a geometrical work it is based upon the form of a glitch which in itself is geometric. Proembrion’s glitch mural can be seen as a camouflaged reference to a digital space in a real environment. The static and unnerving glitch is something one see’s in the digital not real world. The digital incorporated into the public space is an impressive concept. This is only our interpretation of the work work you can read below to see what the artist says about this mural. You can also see in the last images the artists re-glitching of the digital image once again altering its reality in the digital space.


“The mural try to adopt the colors of the surrounding and rise them up to extreme values. The transition from pastel shades to very saturated followed by aberrations. The geometric and pixel composition is the result of many years of experience generating computer graphics. But this is far away from its reference, because here I ‘freestyled’, so I could make it more random and intuitive. My mathematically correct patterns are not a glitch. But on this wall I needed to create one. It is painted mostly by acrylic – each color is based on 5 basic colors (CMYK plus White).” Krzysztof ‘Proembrion’ Syruńá

All images courtesy of the artist