Here is an amazing set of new work from Matt W. Moore and Tim Clorius. The solo exhibition “An Abstract dialogue” focuses on a collaborative new body of work from the 2 artists. The series of work is a conversation and interaction amongst 2 painters. The collaboration is a series of paintings where the artists made multiple passes in order to obtain a balanced and cohesive final result. The end result although abstract focuses not on the final image but the back and forth that happens when painting. They also got together to paint a bonus mural for the event.


“An Abstract Dialogue” Tim Clorius & Matt W. Moore

Galerie P13 Heidelberg, Germany

Longtime friends Matt W. Moore and Tim Clorius have converged in Heidelberg, Germany in July 2013 to create yet another series of collaborative artworks. Moore, internationally renowned designer and Clorius, painter with a classical education, have learned to trust each others artistic sensibilities over the years. They created this exhibition with the intention of having a unique visual conversation on canvas. Both artists visited each canvas repeatedly, responding to the changes presented to them by the other. The conversation, verbal and visual, evolved over time to be more refined, in order to find harmony and balance within the artists distinctly different sensibilities and techniques. The resulting paintings in “An Abstract Dialog” remain as evidence of this conversation about the dynamics of abstraction.

The exhibition is sponsored by the Maine Arts Commission, through the National Endowment for the Arts.